Sharpe's Gold

Sean Bean returns as Richard Sharpe in the first of three new two-hour adventures set in Spain during the Napoleonic wars, after attracting audiences of more than 10 million and receiving a 1995 BAFTA nomination.

Born in a brothel and brought up on the streets, Sharpe joined the army as a boy and was raised from the ranks by Wellington, then Sir Arthur Wellesley, after saving the Duke's life with an act of heroic daring. Sharpe has worked his way up the ranks and is now a Major.

Actor Sean Bean is joined once more by Daragh O'Malley as Sergeant Harper, Sharpe's friend and comrade in arms. Harper is an Irishman fighting for the English but fiercely proud of his own country. He is Sharpe's great friend and confidante, loyal and trustworthy. He commands the group of Chosen Men.

In Sharpe's Gold, Sharpe is having to face up to life without his wife Teresa, who was killed by the evil Hakeswill in the last series.

Wellington's cousin Bess (Rosaleen Linehan), and her daughter Ellie (Jayne Ashbourne) have come from Ireland to find Bess's husband who has gone missing searching for gold rumoured to be hidden in the mountains. They cross Sharpe's path when Ellie is determined to prove herself to be more than a match for the dashing soldier, who finds her very attractive, if a little distracting from the business of fighting the French.

Unfortunately, Ellie unwittingly becomes part of the deadly trade of deserters for guns.

Another returning character in all three episodes of this series is Major Mungo Munro, a Scottish exploring officer. Fearless and extremely intelligent, Munro is Wellington's right hand man. He has a soft spot for Sharpe but that would not stop Munro using him for his own ends.

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