Episode Descriptions


In Sharpe's Regiment, Richard Sharpe and Sgt. Pat Harper return to England to recruit new soldiers for the depleted ranks of the South Essex Regiment.

Sharpe is summoned to Court to meet the Prince of Wales. In the days that follow, he uncovers sleaze and corruption in the highest ranks of the British army. But when he reports his suspicions, he and Harper find themselves the subject of an assassination attempt.

In a dramatic race against time to prove their allegations, Sharpe and Harper fake their own deaths and re-enlist in the South Essex.


Sharpe's Siege sees Richard marry his sweetheart Jane. But before the honeymoon is over he leaves her behind to go on a perilous mission to capture a French fort high in the Pyrenees.

While Sharpe battles with the French, his young bride is also in danger. A deadly fever has swept through the British camp and Jane is close to death. Sharpe must fight, knowing that even if he survives, he may never see his beloved wife alive again.


In Sharpe's Mission, Sharpe joins the dashing Colonel Brand on a dangerous journey behind enemy lines to blow up a French ammunition store.

Left behind in the camp, and frustrated by Sharpe's frequent absences, his bride Jane seeks solace in the company of another man.

Meanwhile, out in the mountains, hopelessly outnumbered and with the French coming ever closer, Sharpe must risk his own life to confront a much deadlier enemy on his own side.

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