Episode Descriptions

Episode I: Sharpe's Company

Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) has been promoted to Captain, but he still faces the prejudice of upper-class officers and the disrespect of lower-class soldiers. Reunited with his wife, Teresa (Asumpta Serna), he discovers that he is the father of a baby girl, Antonia. Teresa has left their daughter with her family in Badajoz, while she continues her work with the Spanish underground against the French. Sharpe knows that the English are about to storm Badajoz, and he must get his new-found family out of danger before it is too late. Sharpe's resolve is tested to the full with the return of his nemesis Obadiah Hakeswill (Pete Postlethwaite), an evil sergeant who does everything he can to make life miserable for Sharpe, including taking over the command of his soldiers.


Episode II: Sharpe's Enemy

Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) has to do battle with a gang of deserters who have taken hostages -- including Isabella (Elizabeth Hurley), the beautiful wife of an English colonel. Sharpe is sent with the ransom money, but all is not what it seems: the leader of the desperadoes is none other than the evil Sergeant Hakeswill (Pete Postlethwaite), who tricks Sharpe and insists that the ransom be doubled. Sharpe leads an attack to free Isabella and destroy the force of deserters -- resulting in a devastating tragedy for the rifleman.


Episode III: Sharpe's Honor

When Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) becomes a pawn in the game of a French spy, and he is found guilty of a crime he did not commit, he is forced to cross enemy lines disguised as a Spanish rebel to find the one person who can clear his name of allegations of dishonor and deceit. The beautiful Marquesa Dorada (Alice Krige) is at the heart of the spy's devious plan, and Sharpe, tempted by her charms, is drawn deeper and deeper into the French web. It will take a duel, a faked death and a rescue from prison -- not to mention a fight between Sharpe and a convent of chicken-wielding nuns -- to restore Sharpe's honor.

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