Sharpe's Trivia

Actor Hugh Fraser had more than one battle to fight during the filming of Sharpe. As well as trying to win the war against Napoleon, Hugh was battling to keep his famous Napoleonic false nose intact in the sweltering heat.

"I like hot weather and sunshine so I was very happy to be out on location for Sharpe but my nose didn't appreciate the temperature so much and it posed quite a problem for the make-up team.

"We tried various adhesives but the problem was that the heat built up between my nose and the false nose. We were constantly trying to stop the flow of sweat and soon realised that each nose had a life of about seven hours in the heat.

"At the end of filming last year the noses were stolen so we had heavy nose security this year but even that didn't stop my stock of about 40 noses from going missing.

"There was a terrible panic one day because the make-up artist thought she had lost them. An all night search took place but luckily they turned up back where they should have been. I think someone must have taken them to a party!"

Actor Hugh Ross (Munro) was a welcome sight for Sean Bean out on the set of Sharpe because the last time their paths crossed Hugh was playing his defence counsel in the film Patriot Games.

"It was great to be working with Sean again. I played his barrister when he was accused of blowing up Harrison Ford's character."

Hugh plays Wellington's go-between who keeps an eye on Richard Sharpe.

"I manipulate Sharpe quite a lot and keep him in his place but I like him as well. If Wellington wants Sharpe to do something I'm usually the person who has to tell him to do it.

"There is an understanding between Sharpe and Munro. Sharpe respects him but he's also quite rude.

"It was great fun to play Munro because he is a very colourful character and I get to wear a lot of Tartan!

"I also got the chance to brush up my riding skills which was wonderful because I hadn't done that since I was at school. I was a bit nervous but it's like riding a bike, it comes back to you. The most difficult thing was getting the horse to stand still."

Playing an English aristocrat in Sharpe meant that actress Allie Byrne had to avoid the Crimean sunshine during filming.

"The director insisted that I stay pale and interesting as Lady Kiely so I was covered in sun block and a big hat. It was really frustrating because the weather was so beautiful."

"I had to do a scene where I fall out of a carriage. I was looking for the stuntwoman dressed in my costume. I suddenly realised that I was going to be doing it. I said to Sean 'please catch me, if not for me, for Lady Kiely!'"

When 28-year old Jason Durr (Lord Kiely) saw the glint in Sean Bean's eyes as they prepared to sword fight, Jason knew that Sean was psyched up for it.

"Sean and I wanted the fight to be as realistic as possible. There were no stuntmen involved and when they said 'action' I could see the intensity in Sean's eyes - he was ready to go.

"We went for it hell for leather so what you see on the film is basically two people wacking the hell out of each other.

"We went through the moves with a Russian olympic swordsman, but when it came to it he had created a very clean fight and Sean and I wanted it to be rough and dirty.

"We both really enjoyed the fight and were pleased with the result even though Sean accidentally head-butted me during it!"

In Sharpe's Sword, Emily's character has to turn 'Florence Nightingale' and perform a delicate operation on Sharpe.

"On the day I had to operate I had difficulty with one of my contact lenses. I had to thread a needle and make a stitch in Sharpe. I was terrified!

"The wound looked very realistic and gory but it smelt like caramel which was a bit off-putting."

Sharpe's creator, Bernard Cornwell, was inspired to write Sharpe's Battle after meeting Sean Bean and seeing him act in the series.

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