Sharpe's Sword

Sharpe's life is in danger in Sharpe's Sword when he is wounded during a dangerous mission to conceal Wellington's master spy - El Mirador - from his French counterpart. Sharpe must find Colonel Leroux (Patrick Fierry), reputed to be one of 'Boney's best' and chosen by Napoleon to capture El Mirador.

In tracking him down, Sharpe is disarmed, his sword destroyed and he is left for dead. Lass (Emily Mortimer) is a young orphan girl whose father was an English surgeon and whose Spanish mother was killed by the French. She witnesses an atrocity which makes her renounce her faith in God and develop a crush on Sharpe as she tries to save his life.

In Sharpe's Sword, Harper marries his sweetheart and the mother of his son, Ramona, but he at first appears a little reluctant to commit himself to matrimony.

"Harper's objection to marrying her was not that he didn't love her but that he was going back to Ireland," actor Daragh O'Malley says, "and he loved her enough not to marry her. Life would have been very difficult for a Spaniard in Ireland at that time." Also appearing in this episode are Captain, the Lord Jack Spears, one of Major Munro's exploring officers. He lost his arm in battle and is brave to the point of foolhardiness with good reason; and Sir Henry Simmerson - an old enemy of Sharpe's. Simmerson led many British soldiers to their death and lost the King's colours in Sharpe's Eagle. He hates Sharpe, because Sharpe saw him fail.

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