Sharpe's Battle

In Sharpe's Battle, Sharpe is given the task of preparing the glamorous Royal Irish Company led by Lord Kiely (Jason Durr) for their first ever battle.

Lord Benedict Kiely is the Captain of the Royal Irish Company, which has been drafted in to help Wellington as a 'gift' from King Ferdinand of Spain. Lord Kiely has bever been in battle before, having only ever performed ceremonial duties for the King. But Sharpe has been led into a French trap. False reports of a massacre in Ireland by the English causes trouble in the ranks.

Lady Lucy Kiely, meanwhile, is pretty, demure and very English but has been badly treated by her husband. She is keen to assist in the preparations for battle but also seeks Sharpe's help on a personal matter.

Also appearing in this episode is Runciman, who used to be Wagon Master General. He is now only a colonel but insists that everyone call him General. He is a complete fraud and sleeps through the battle.

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