The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris - Volume 1

Last Update: 15 September 2004
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The images below are taken from Volume 1 of The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris. They have been used with Jason Salkey's permission.


As Rifleman Harris, one of the "Chosen Men", Jason was allowed access to people and places which were strictly off-limits to everyone else.  


Jason's video camera caught all the action - whether it was on set, back at the hotel, or out and about. Unless you were part of the cast and crew, this is a side of Sharpe that few have seen. The agony, the ecstasy, the pain, the glory and the humour have all been captured by Jason's video camera.


The first episode of The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris was shot in August 1994, during the filming of Sharpe's Gold in the Ukraine. It follows the cast and crew through a drought caused by a continuous 95 degree heat wave, the effects of the subsequent water shortage and how they coped (or didn't) with the problems this caused, both on and off set.  


While filming this episode, Sean Bean was also finally awarded the perk of having his own trailer - but as it turned out, it was a far cry from Hollywood luxury.






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