Sunday Mirror
March 3, 1996
Quentin Falk

For once Sheffield-born Sean Bean can display his famous tattoo "100 per cent Blade" not just with pride but also with total accuracy in his latest film WHEN SATURDAY COMES.

This soccer saga as corny as any old Roy of the Rovers comic strip gives the star a chance to pull on the red-and-white and play for his beloved United, the Blades to their fans.

Wish-fulfilment for him and a Rocky-style fantasy for us in the story of a pub player given his shot at the big time. Bean plays Jimmy Muir, a Northern working-class relic of the kind of kitchen- sink British drama that surely went out of fashion about 30 years ago.

Working in the brewery and drinking most of its profits at the local pub, Jimmy is a brilliant Sunday-morning park player when he's not too hung-over.

The love of a good woman (Emily Lloyd) and the encouragement of her uncle (Peter Postlethwaite), who has some clout with the United management, offers Jimmy the chance not just to escape his dead-end lifestyle but also lead the United attack in a crucial cup semi- final - if he can stay sober. I notice that one of the companies involved in making the film was called A Pint O'Bitter Productions. Judging by the amount of ale consumed in this cheerfully old- fashioned tale, they certainly got their money's worth.



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