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By Lisa Salmon, PA News


   Home-grown movie star Sean Bean went back to his roots today for a 
glittering film premiere in his native city. 

   Thousands of people flocked to Sheffield's Meadowhall Centre to 
catch aglimpse of heart-throb Sean and Emily Lloyd, who star in the
new football drama When Saturday Comes. 

   Sheffield was chosen to host the charity premiere because the film 
was made in the city and is about Sheffield United. 

   Sean, a devoted United fan in real life, plays a factory worker who 
realises his dream of becoming a football star. 

   The actor, who was accompanied to the premiere by his wife Melanie
Hill -- Aveline in Bread -- punched the air in a football fan's salute 
as he acknowledged the cheering crowds that waited for him outside 
Meadowhall's Warner cinema. 

   He said:  "The film reminds me of growing up in Sheffield. 

   "I had no difficulty playing the character because I understood what 
he was and what had made him. 

   "It's the closest I've ever come to playing myself on film -- but 
it's not me." 

   Five screens at the cinema were set aside for 1,000 guests, who paid 
L40 each for their tickets. The cash will go to the British Deaf Sports 

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