Take 100; That's how many times Sean Bean re-shot this scene (I wonder why?)
The Sun
March 1, 1996

Byline: Andy Coulson

SEAN BEAN clearly enjoyed this clinch with a stripper in his new movie - he insisted on re-shooting the scene an amazing 100 times.

Heart-throb Sean gets to grips with the near-naked stunner, played by model Rebecca Nichols, in football film When Saturday Comes.

As his character and his boozy mates cheer, she performs a sizzling striptease on a platform before dancing suggestively at his table. The pair enjoy a smoochy dance, then slip off for a night of passion. Sean, 37, and the production team ordered the multiple takes to make sure the scene was perfect - but it left Rebecca tired out.

The 25-year-old blonde says: "There were loads of lads cheering and clapping, but I've done nude stuff before so it wasn't a big deal for me.

"In the end it took over 100 takes to get it right. I was exhausted.

"The lads couldn't believe their luck!"

She adds: "The bedroom scene didn't need quite so many takes, unfortunately - Sean's an old hand at those.

"When I told my friends I'd done a love scene with Sean Bean they were green with envy. I never fancied him before but I think he's gorgeous now.

"I'm sure the film will do well. So what if it doesn't? I got to go to bed with Sean Bean!" In the movie-released this weekend - GoldenEye star Sean is a brewery worker who dreams of playing for Sheffield United, nicknamed The Blades.

Sean is a real-life United fan - and reckons scoring a goal for them would be better than sex. He says: "If it was the winner in the FA Cup final, that would be better than sex definitely. Even playing in front of a big crowd is a turn-on."

Sean filmed the soccer sequences at the Division One team's Bramall Lane ground.

He adds: "I've supported The Blades all my life and to be on their pitch was a tremendous feeling that I'll never experience again.

"This is one film I would have done for nothing. Football does daft things to people and removes all sense of reality. I know it does for me."

Sean's wife Melanie Hill, 34 - in the film as his sister - has learned to live with his fixation.

She says: "Sean even has a Sheffield United bench in our garden which nobody is allowed to touch."

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