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Thinking of a decent football movie is a bit like trying to compile a list of Michael Winner's five greatest films - a fruitless exercise in mediocrity. Which makes When Saturday Comes, a film with echoes of This Sporting Life and Rocky, slightly more enjoyable despite its many evident flaws.

Sean Bean plays Jimmy Muir, a twentysomething brewery worker who spends his weekends boozing and cruising with his mates, as well as playing hit and hope Sunday football on pitches barely fit for the dogs who regularly soil them.

But as his once promising talent is spotted and nurtured by a dedicated local coach - an impassioned Pete Postlethwaite - Jimmy finds the pressures placed upon him grow stronger as his environment begins to change.

Responding to these new challenges he gets good enough to earn a trial with the mighty Sheffield United, only for it his dreams to fall apart quite spectacularly. Will he get one more chance? Well, you'll never guess what happens...but originality is not really the point.

For once the football action is mildly credible. Bean looks like he can play a bit, the drama is grittily believable and all the performances - with the exception of Emily Lloyd and her crap Irish accent - are good.

Far from the Premiership of movie entertainment, When Saturday Comes is better than the usual standard of soccer films (which ain't saying much) and proves a mildly entertaining, Nationwide league type effort nonetheless.

review by Anwar Brett

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