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                                        4:13pm, March 1st, 1996 

  NEW football film When Saturday Comes prompted former Spandau
Ballet star Tony Hadley to kick start his music career.

  Hadley's latest single Build Me Up is one of the theme songs
from the Sean Bean film which goes on general release this weekend.

  The raven-haired singer/songwriter said he only decided to
release the single after coming under pressure from Bean and
his wife Melanie.

  Hadley, 36, who has released several solo singles but never
achieved any great success, told the BBC he once thought about
quitting the music business altogether.

  He said: “After the band split up I took about two years out
and even questioned whether I wanted to be in the music business anymore.

  “I just started slowly writing songs and said `Okay I'm back
into it again.”

  He said: “There nothing else I'm ever gonna do. I can't really
see me ever giving it up.”

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