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Last Update: 16 June 2008

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Sean Bean and Rifleman Moore in the desert
during the filming of Sharpe's Challenge


"Rifleman Moore" served as Military & Technical Adviser / Armourer on all
the episodes of the highly-successful television drama series Sharpe from
1992 - 2008.
The latest episode, Sharpe's Peril, was filmed in India and is currently
scheduled to be screened in the autumn of 2008 … and again, "Rifleman
Moore" makes his "traditional" in costume on-camera appearances.
"I can give some idea in the respect of Sharpe as, after fifteen years,
we know each other pretty well. With very few exceptions, Sean has
always done all his own stunts on Sharpe and the guns we use are real
flintlock muzzle-loaders. Before my time, Sean cut his finger on one, so
I then gave instruction on the safe method of handling one, which from
1993 - because he is very receptive - Sean 'automatically' adopted without
much need for a reminder from me.
"To give you an idea how it all works, in Sharpe's Challenge we had a
rather difficult and awkward scene which involved gunfire involving Sean
using his acting skills to make the point of the scene but, at the same time,
handle, cock and fire a flintlock muzzle-loading gun and then continue
"For safety reasons, we always run through a scene in terms of gun-handling
action - but it also has to come over as the firer being an experienced
'period' soldier. The overall 'acting' bit was obviously up to Sean in the scene,
but it had to be done at the same time in a very fluid motion with the gun.
The entire scene was shot during several camera set-ups … but we did
the final shot involving the primary action, the gunfire and secondary
action all in one take. Cut ! Checking the gate … it's in the can - and
that's how we do it. We are very good at it - but we have had a lot of
practice in fifteen years of making Sharpe!"


Sharpe's Challenge: the scene in question with our extras and three principals
(Sean Bean, Toby Stephens and Daragh O'Malley) "on their marks"


Joined by "Rifleman Moore" to rehearse the required action for the next set-up.


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