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Last Update: 19 September 1998

"Because his experience is so vast, [director] John Frankenheimer knows exactly what he wants and is able to accomplish it quickly. During rehearsals, he gives his actors a lot of freedom to get comfortable and find their rhythm, so he can then request certain precise variations from them. His set is very disciplined, and I work well in that kind of atmosphere."

JEAN RENO (Vincent) is one of the most talented actors to come out of France in recent years. In 1993, he starred in Jean-Marie Poire's comedy, Les Visiteurs, which went on to become the highest grossing film in French box office history, and it's record-breaking sequel, Les Visiteurs II.

Reno has also enjoyed considerable success in American feature films, co starring in Brian De Palma's spy thriller Mission Impossible, Lawrence Kasdan's French Kiss and Paul Weiland's romantic comedy For Roseanna.

His most recent film credit was in Godzilla. Reno's performance in Luc Besson's 1994 thriller The Professional, in which he co-starred with Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman, earned the actor extensive critical acclaim and popular recognition.

Born in Casablanca to Spanish parents, Reno pursued his dream of acting in France after serving his military obligation in Germany. Settling in Paris, he joined stage director Didier Flamand in a traveling theater company that took him around the country. Reno first registered strongly with his work in Costa Gavras's Claire de Femme in 1979, which he followed with a widely praised performance in Luc Besson's Le Dernier Combat in 1982. This was the first in a series of collaborations with Besson; subsequent films include Subway, The Big Blue and the international hit La Femme Nikita.

Reno's European feature film credits include the Michelangelo Antonioni/Wim Wenders collaboration, Pardela les Nuages, Francis Veber's Le Jaguar, Christian Le Jale's Loulou Graffiti, Jean-Marie Poire's L'Operation Corned Beef, Eric Durer's L'Homme Au Masque D'Or, Marco Ferreri's I Love You, Bertrand Blier's Notre Histoire and Jacques Monnet's Signes Exterieurs de Richesse.

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