Bean: Show doesn't glamorise violence

Source: Press Association
Date : 25 Feb 2009
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Bean: Show doesn't glamorise violence

Sean Bean has said his new drama Red Riding doesn't glamorise violence.

The Sharpe actor plays a corrupt businessman in the Channel 4 film trilogy.

He said: "I think if [violence] is treated as it is, if it's portrayed as violence is and how you define violence - violence comes in many shapes and forms.

"I think we've portrayed it as it is and it's all the more shocking for that, that fact that it's not been glamorised."

Sean revealed he isn't keen on movies that make violence seem cool.

He said: "I don't think it should be glamorised but it is a fact of life and I think we dealt with that as such and I think in a strange way, ironically it makes it more shocking when you do deal with it seriously and truthfully."

Sean also told how the three-part format was part of what drew him to the script.

"I am not really aware of any pieces of work that have been made into trilogies apart from Lord Of The Rings," he said.

"These are three films that are very different artistically and dramatically. That's something I have not really seen for a long time, if ever."

Red Riding starts on Channel 4 on March 5.


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