Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)

Last Update: 21 March 2001

Sean auditioned to attend RADA in April 1980.

He was accepted, and enrolled in the January 1981 (Spring) term at the school. He attended RADA until April 1983 (the end of the Spring 1983 term), when he graduated with an Honours Diploma and three prizes: the Silver Medal (2nd highest award after the Gold Bancroft Medal), the Ware Prize, and the Crean Prize (Figar Prize).

In 1981, Acting Diploma Courses at RADA were seven terms long (this changed to nine terms in 1984).

Sean attended RADA over the following period:

Term 1 (Spring 1981)
Term 2 (Summer 1981)
Term 3 (Autumn 1981)
Term 4 (Spring 1982)
Term 5 (Summer 1982)
Term 6 (Autumn 1982)
Term 7 (Spring 1983)


While at RADA, Sean appeared in the following plays:

Term / Title



 Summer 1981

Fears and Miseries of
the Third Reich

 Bertolt Brecht

 King Lear

William Shakespeare

Duke of Albany

 Autumn 1981

 The House of Atreus

Greek Mythology


 The Merry Wives of Windsor

William Shakespeare


 Spring 1982

 The Country Wife

William Wycherley

Mr. Pinchwife

 Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare


 Summer 1982

 The Three Sisters

Anton Chekhov

Andre Prozorov

Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare


 Autumn 1982

Waiting for Godot

Samuel Beckett


 One Flew Over the
Cuckoo's Nest

Dale Wasserman (adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey)


The Pajama Game

George Abbott &
Richard Bissell


Spring 1983




Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare


Measure for Measure

William Shakespeare


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