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16 December 2002

Jane Tranter announces two new drama commissions for BBC ONE -
Pride and The Canterbury Tales
Jane Tranter, Controller of Drama Commissioning for BBC Television, today
announces two new commissions for BBC ONE to be executive produced by
Laura Mackie, Head of BBC Drama Serials.
Pride is an ambitious marriage of natural history footage, CGI and a script
by Simon Nye, while The Canterbury Tales will see six tales filmed as single
contemporary dramas, interpreted by a range of both new and established
Jane Tranter says: "These two commissions are part of a growing slate of
original, ambitious pieces for BBC ONE that work alongside our new and
established popular dramas.
"They fuse the BBC's core strengths with our desire to extend drama into new
"The Canterbury Tales will provide an orginal framework for single dramas to
be written and directed by both established and new talent while Pride is a
family film combining the skill of one of the world's most respected natural
history film makers with the hugely popular writer Simon Nye."
Pride is a family film being made in collaboration with John Downer, who
made the acclaimed documentary Lions: Spy in the Den.
It is a co-venture between John Downer Productions and BBC Drama Serials
to make a live action drama about a pride of lions, using real natural history
footage shot on location in Africa and a script by Simon Nye (Men Behaving
The Canterbury Tales comprises an initial commission of six dramas written
and directed by six different teams, all produced by the BBC's Kate Bartlett.
The Miller's Tale is written by Peter Bowker; The Knight's Tale by Tony
Marchant; The Wife of Bath by Amanda Coe; The Pardoner's Tale by Tony
Grounds; The Man of Law by Olivia Hetreed (who wrote the screenplay for
Girl With A Pearl Earring) and The Sea Captain's Tale by a new writer -
Avie Luthra.


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