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19 April 2003
Winslet set for roaring success
By Adam Sherwin, Media Reporter

KATE WINSLET is lined up to provide the voice of a lion in a BBC film that
mixes live action and digital trickery to dramatise the story of a pride of
African lions.

Real lions will star in Pride, a 90-minute, £4 million film that promises to
be a “dramatic tale of love and survival”.
John Downer, a natural history film-maker, has teamed with Simon Nye,
the writer behind Men Behaving Badly, to create the family tale. Jim
Henson’s Creature Shop will animate the live footage, adding facial
expressions and mouth movements to the lions.
Ms Winslet is in final negotiations to voice the young, rebellious Suki.
Sean Bean will be Dark, her dangerous suitor, and Helen Mirren will be
Suki’s mother, Macheeba, the wise matriarch of the pride.


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