Last Update: 14 May 2006

Stepping off the Hercules C130J onto a deserted pan, the rugged war-worn
soldier slowly walked to the desolate Air Terminal with his head down and
kit slung over his shoulder. This was the scene being filmed with Sean
Bean at RAF Lyneham on Sunday 7 May 2006 for a new film production
called "Outlaw" by Vertigo Films.



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Vertigo Films approached RAF Lyneham back in March asking to use the
Hercules to film some scenes for their new film "Outlaw" written by Nick
Love; RAF Lyneham was glad to help out. The film crews were very
efficient and no sooner had they off loaded their equipment onto the
aircraft, they had taken the shots they needed and were ready to pack
up and go. Sean Bean was a complete gentleman and took time out of
his tight filming schedule to be shown around the Hercules C130J and
chat to the Ground Engineers who were helping out.
Writer / Director Nick Love said:
"The filming went smoothly without any glitches thanks to the preparation
and organisation by RAF Lyneham. I am very grateful for all the help and
assistance provided by all the staff on the day."
Nick Love is a critically acclaimed writer and director whose latest films
include The Football Factory and The Business. Outlaw is his latest
project and boasts actors such as Sean Bean, Danny Dyer and the
award winning Bob Hoskins. The story centres around 5 men from
different backgrounds who have been dealt a bad hand in life. On the
surface these men have nothing in common, but after losing everything,
the men come together to stop making excuses for their apathy, start
taking action against the rot that has set in their lives.
OUTLAW will be distributed in the UK by Pathe Distribution, slated for
Autumn 2007 release.
Please visit the official Outlaw website
and the RAF Lyneham website


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