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Source: City of Gloucester
Outlaw is a new movie which has partly been filmed in the streets of Gloucester,
and features a host of stars including: Sean Bean, Bob Hoskins, Danny Dyer,
Lennie James and Rupert Friend. At a press conference, three of the cast gave
interviews to the local media and the City Council Press Office, they included:
Sean Bean plays a former para-trooper in the movie Outlaw. Sean is internationally
famous for roles in Lord of the Rings, the Bond-movie - GoldenEye, and the TV
drama Sharpe.

Danny Dyer plays Gene Decker in the movie Outlaw. Danny is also well known
for his roles in the films Human Traffic and The Business

Lennie James plays the role of Cedric Monroe, a criminal Barrister. Lennie has
also stared in the movie 24 Hour Party People, and TV roles including a Touch of
The Movie Outlaw is written and directed by Nick Love, who has also directed the
films Goodbye Charlie Bright, The Football Factory and The Business. The film
is due to be released in the summer of 2007.
During a break in filming the actors from the movie Outlaw, took time out to say
how grateful they were to the council for helping arrange filming in the area at
such short notice - and that they would love to shoot in Gloucester again.
Council Webmaster, John Arnold, and Communications Officer Will Conaghan
were given an hour's notice after receiving a phone call from the production
company with directions of where the movie was being shot.
On arrival they were then ushered into a film crew bus before being escorted
to a warehouse where minutes later Bean and his co-stars broke from filming
to field questions to a select pack of journalists.
The three stars were really down to earth, and only too happy to talk to us
about how much they have enjoyed filming in Gloucester and the surrounding
area. Click here to view footage of the interview with Sean Bean, Danny Dyer
and Lennie James- A windows Media File approx 1.8 mb.
The film shows the stars of the Movie Outlaw - Lennie James, Danny Dyer and
Sean Bean talking to Gloucester City Council. We have also produced the i
nterview in realPlayer format - Click here to view the film clip in realPlayer
format- approx 1.6 mb.
A section of the Bristol Road at its junctions with Stroud and Clifton Roads
will be closed on July 1st and 2nd.
The closure is to enable filming to take place for a blockbuster movie starring
Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Lennie James and Bob Hoskins.
Directed by Nick Love, 'Outlaw', has been filmed at a number of locations
around Gloucester and the south west.
A specialist traffic management company has been brought in by the film
makers to work with council traffic engineers. Extensive signage will be
put up alerting drivers to the closures and marking diversion routes.
Bristol Road will be closed to all traffic at its junction with Clifton Road.
Clifton Road will be totally closed and there will be no access from Stroud
Road onto Bristol Road.
All affected major accesses onto Bristol Road will be signposted
All through motorists approaching Gloucester from the south are advised
to use the Ring Road and those wishing to access the town centre to use
the Ring Road, Stroud Road and Park End Road.
From the north through traffic will be routed along the Ring Road.
Bristol Road from Cole Ave junction will still be open for access to
Hempsted and all businesses.
Local residents and businesses along with bus operators have been notified.
More information about the film is available at www.gloucester.gov.uk/outlaw.


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