Outlaw - Sean Goes Welding

Source: The Sun
Sharpe: Solder of fortune
June 5, 2006

Lord of the singe ... Sean
HOLLYWOOD hunk Sean Bean did a runner from a film set - and was
found *WELDING*.

The Lord of the Rings star apparently got fed up with fussing flunkies on
new movie Outlaw.

So he went off without telling anyone - causing producers to panic.

A search party tracked down the 48-year-old Sharpe TV star - who
trained as a welder - to a nearby metal workshop in Lydney, Gloucestershire.

Stunned welder Chris Holmes, 42, said: "He just walked in and said he
fancied getting back into welding. He asked if he could have a go.

"He wasn't too bad. He burned a few holes in his white T-shirt."

Sean left a piece of metal with his name and three kisses welded on

Chris said: "He was quite nostalgic."
Source: The Mirror
6 June 2006
By Alex Williams

SEAN Bean went AWOL from the set of his latest film - so he could rekindle
his love of welding.
The star, who was a welder's apprentice before he hit the big time, gave
his minders and crew the slip to call in at a workshop he had spotted.
Welder Chris Holmes, 42, said: "He said he used to be a welder and
fancied getting back into it and asked if I would mind him having a go.
"He had dodged all the fancy film people. I think he was fed up with them."
Bean, filming vigilante flick Outlaw with Bob Hoskins, welded his name
on a bit of metal above three kisses and had a mug of coffee with the staff.
Chris, 42, of Lydney, Glos, said: "I told him if his film career went up in
smoke he could go back to welding. He's not too bad."


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