Other Sharpe Audio Tapes

Last Update: 03 May 2000

The following unabridged audio tapes (average 8-10 cassettes long), are read by William Gaminara, and are available from:

Chivers Audio Books
93 - 100 Locksbrook Road

Tel (UK) 01225 - 335336

Sharpe's Eagle ISBN V4256251
Sharpe's Gold ISBN V426210X or 0001048937
Sharpe's Revenge ISBN V5562286
Sharpe's Rifles ISBN V4250478 or 0745148765
Sharpe's Siege ISBN V4263067
Sharpe's Waterloo ISBN V5620173
Sharpe's Sword ISBN 0001048945
Sharpe's Regiment ISBN 0745140734
Sharpe's Devil ISBN 0745142524
Sharpe's Honour ISBN 0745164757
Sharpe's Company ISBN 0745143369
Sharpe's Enemy ISBN 0745165699
Sharpe's Battle 0001048929 or 0745166423

They are also available from:

The Audio Book Collection
Bath, BA2 3SZ

Telephone orderline freephone 0800 136 919.

Sharpes's Company (ABC 1019)
Sharpes's Rifles (ABC 352)
Sharpes's Gold (ABC 510)
Sharpes's Honour (ABC 1091)
Sharpes's Eagle (ABC 429)
Sharpes's Sharpe's Regiment (ABC 770)
Sharpes's Enemy (ABC 1185)
Sharpes's Battle (ABC 1258)

Harper Collins also produces a set of Sharpe audio tapes:

Sharpe's Battle (read by Paul McGann) (2 tapes) Harper Collins 0001048929
Sharpe's Gold (read by Paul McGann) (2 tapes) Harper Collins 0001048937
Sharpe's Sword (read by Paul McGann) (2 tapes) Harper Collins 0001048945
Sharpe's Trafalgar (read by Paul McGann) (2 tapes) Harper Collins

These are abridged copies and run about 3 hours each.

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