One BIG Balloon Race

Last Update: 04 Sep 2006

Thousands of balloons were released into the air as part of Handsworth
Forum's annual One Big Balloon Race. People entered the race from all over
the world hoping to land the grand prize of a night out with Sheffield's own
Sean Bean at a London film premiere!
The Handsworth born Hollywood star was delighted to support his local
community forum and help raise money for children's charities. Race
organiser Michael Brocklebank said, "Everyone knows the name 'Sean Bean' and
the films he has been in, but not everyone knows that Sean is a big believer
in the local community. He is 100% behind the Forum and what we are trying
to do in Handsworth, that's why he donated this fantastic prize."
The winner of the race was Jill Harrington from Michigan, USA whose balloon
travelled to Peasholm Park in Scarborough, a distance of 75miles as the crow
flies. Upon hearing the news Jill said, "I couldn't be more excited even if
I had won the lottery! The Balloon Race is a wonderful idea." Two of the
three runners up came from Japan and the other was from Handsworth,
There was also a prize awarded to Sam Jones, aged 12yrs from Crosspool who
returned the winning balloon. Sam was on holiday with his family in
Scarborough when he discovered the prize winning balloon. The Forum gave him
a digital camera which arrived in time for his birthday.
The balloon race was the highlight of the Handsworth Fun Day held in July
and raised £3000 for Sheffield Children's hospital, Help a Hallam Child and
Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. For more information on the Forum go to
Information about the Balloon Release, which happened on July 22, 2006:
Take part in one of Sheffield’s biggest balloon releases and win a
night at a London premiere with Sean Bean! It costs just £1 to enter
the One Big Balloon Race and if you win the race, then you get to
experience the Hollywood lifestyle and pull up to the red carpet in a
limousine with Sheffield’s own Sean Bean. This is a once in a life time
On the 22nd of July 2006 will see the release of thousands of balloons
from the Handsworth Fun Day at Handsworth Park, Sheffield in a bid
to travel the furthest distance and win our Star Prize. The day will
be packed with events to-do and see and will truly be a day to reflect
on when looking back over 2006.
This is an event organised by Handsworth Community Forum
to raise awareness of how important our local parks and open
space are as well as raising money for local charities and Children's
This year the nominated Children's Charities are:
Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity
Blue Bell Wood
Help A Hallam Child
We simply ask you to purchase balloons for £1 each and which ever
goes the furthest is the winner and you will be escorted up the aisle
to a film premiere with Sheffield's Own Sean Bean. It's really that
This event is open to anyone, in the UK or overseas. The only
stipulation is that you are willing to make your own way to
London if you win (ie, you're responsible for your airfare, travel
expenses, etc).
For more information and to buy your balloons, please visit the
One Big Balloon Race Website.
HOT NEWS: Subject to his availability, Sean will be officially
opening the Handsworth Fun Day in person on July 22.


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