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09 Oct 2003
By Dave Davis
Contributing sources: Variety
Lord of the Rings arrow magnet Sean Bean is set to leave Middle Earth
behind for the Good Ol' U S of A when he joins Nicolas Cage in the
Disney flick National Treasure.
In the action-thriller from director Jon Turteltaub (Phenomenon), Cage
plays an archaeologist who learns of an encrypted code written in the US
Constitution that, when deciphered, will lead to a treasure buried in the
1700s. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, so things will randomly explode at
various points during the film.
He may be a hero over in the UK portraying Richard Sharpe in the endless
"Sharpe's" series of tellyfilms, but over here in the good ol' USA, we tend
to think of Sean Bean as we do any other proper Englishman: a movie bad
guy. After all, he made life hell for Jack Ryan (Patriot Games), James Bond
(Goldeneye) and Michael Douglas (Don't Say a Word), and even picked on
little Frodo. His role in National Treasure is a rich British adventurer, and
if history repeats itself, he may have a nefarious agenda.
The film also stars Gigli retard Justin Bartha, and Diane Kruger, who
launches ships and sends Brad Pitt and Eric Bana clashing in Troy.


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