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Source: Washington, DC Department of Transport
17 Sep 2003

News Release for Immediate Release

Street and Lane Closures for Filming of "National Treasure"
(Washington, DC) Traffic lanes and streets downtown and around Dupont
Circle will be closed over the next three weeks for the filming of "National
Treasure," a film starring Nicholas Cage. The Office of Motion Picture and
Television Development has coordinated the closures with WMATA, the
Metropolitan Police Department, Emergency Management Agency, Department
of Public Works, DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department,
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and affected federal
agencies and local residential and business groups.

Subject to weather conditions and other variables, the closures will be as

Constitution Avenue:
· Lanes closures from Pennsylvania Avenue to 10th Street, NW, 9/22/03
from 8pm to 9/23/03 at 6 am.
· Eastbound Constitution Avenue curb lane between Pennsylvania Avenue
and 10th Street, N.W. will be closed from 4 pm to 8 pm on 9/22/03.
· Eastbound Constitution Avenue curb lane between 7th and 10th Streets,
NW will be closed from 4 pm to 8 pm on 9/23/03.
· MPD will control access to the side streets, i.e., 10th Street, 9th Street,
7th Street and 6th Street.
Pennsylvania Avenue:
· Closed from 3rd Street, NW to 12th Street, NW on 9/23/03 from 8 pm to
9/24/03 at 6 am, 9/24/03 from 8 pm to 9/25/03 at 6 am, 9/25/03 from 8 pm to
9/26/03 at 6 am.
· Westbound curb lane between 10th and 11th Streets, NW. closed from
6 am to 2 pm on 9/29/03.
· MPD will control access to 11th Street, 10th Street, 9th Street, 7th Street,
6th Street and 4th Street.

17th Street, NW:
· Closed from Constitution Avenue to E Street on 9/26/03 from 8 pm to
9/27/03 at 6 am.
· MPD will control the access to C and D Streets.

The following agencies and groups have been consulted by the producers of
"National Treasure" and DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development:
National Park Service, US Secret Service, National Archives, General Services
Administration, the Library of Congress, the Red Cross, the National Archives,
the FBI, the Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission, the IRS, the
Smithsonian, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Organization of
American States and others.


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