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Source: Premiere
July - August 2004

National Treasure
Starring Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel, Jon Voight, and Diane Kruger;
directed by John Turtletaub

"When I tell someone the basic line, that there's a treasure map on the
back of the Declaration of Independence, they immediately start asking
me questions," says director Turtletaub (Disney's The Kid). "Who put it
there? How come no one has found it? Those questions come up not as
skepticism but as excitement. And that's how I know we have a good
This Indiana Jones-flavored adventure "relies more on story than
explosions," says Cage, who's making his fourth film with uberproducer
Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock, Con Air, Gone in Sixty Seconds). Cage
plays archaeologist Benjamin Franklin Gates, who, along with his
computer saavy sidekick (Gigli's Justin Bartha) and a sexy museum
curator (Troy's Kruger), chases clues and dodges the feds in an effort
to find the riches, which, says the star, "somehow found [their] way to
our founding fathers."
Gates also partners at first with a British entrepreneur (Sean Bean), but
then realizes that the guy's in it for financial instead of historical gain.
"We disagree," Bean says, "and it's a matter of who gets there first.
It's a race."

90210 Reunion: Cage and Turtletaub attended Beverly Hills High School
together. "We were in the drama department, and he was a year older,"
Cage says. "He beat me out for the lead in Our Town."


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