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Inqlings | City film shoot has an actor who looks rather Cage-y
By Michael Klein
Inquirer Columnist
Nicolas Cage watchers have gotten an eyeful in Center City and Society Hill
as National Treasure, the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced historical adventure,
finishes its two-week Philly shoot.
But is the guy they've seen hanging around between takes really the star of
Windtalkers, Con Air, and Leaving Las Vegas?
Maybe not.
There are a couple of - or is that Coppola? - Nics out there!
Cage's stand-in, Marco Kyris, looks so much like Cage that crew members do
double-takes, say set sources. Onlookers routinely shout "Nic" at Kyris. When
he doesn't acknowledge, they feel dissed.
Cage is intensely private, favoring his hotel room and seldom wandering the
streets in his off-hours.
That really was Cage doing a scene Tuesday on the Walnut Street side of
Independence Hall. All Cage had to do was walk for the cameras, carrying
a sack. After director Jon Turteltaub shouted "Cut!" the crowd clapped and
hollered: "Good walking, Nic!" Cage theatrically thanked everyone.
Actor Sean Bean (Patriot Games, Lord of the Rings), who's also in National
Treasure, was spotted last Thursday in the Four Seasons' Swann Lounge at
1 p.m. having a bowl of mussels - for breakfast, as suggested by his
fresh-out-of-bed look. The Brit had a book for company and was friendly to
Another Bruckheimer production: The producer footed the tab last week for a
party honoring 180 cast and crew members at SoleFood, the eatery in the
Loews Philadelphia. They ate "Sole fingers" (fried fennel fronds), popcorn
shrimp, chicken drumettes, tempura asparagus, mini crabcakes and pastries.
Cage was a no-show.


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