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13 Oct 2003
'Atreyu' delivers a short but succinct report from filming on the next
Bruckheimer action blockbuster:
"I live in Philly and saw some scenes being shot the other day from
Nicolas Cage's "National Treasure." They were filming on 13th and
Locust in Center City Philadelphia, and I heard they were also filming
at the local cementary on Pine Street and at city hall. The scene I saw
two days ago was of Justin Bartha and Diane Krueger running from these
two big guys (typical mobster lookin guys). Diane was carrying a long
cylindrical case (carrying the constitution or declaration maybe?). They
ran into a side entrance of a strip club where they were may be meeting
Nic Cage or something, don't know. Just saw them filming those
two being chased into the strip joint, then their stunt doubles running
out the front entrance".


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