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Monday 13th October 2003:
Loretta has just sent in the following report from the National Treasure
On Sat, Oct 11, Sean Bean was in Philadelphia filming a scene for National
Treasure. Filming was on the east side of City Hall in Center City Philadelphia.
I started to watch the filming about 3pm, but according to others watching
the filming, they were at this location all day.

The set up: There is a grey plastic tube case in the middle of the street, the
kind that would hold maps or blueprints or posters. A blond woman and a
dark haired young man are about to cross into the street, apparently to
pick up the case. A Pepsi tractor trailer comes down the street and almost
runs over the woman, but the man pulls her back. It seems that she was
so intent in getting the case, she didn't look for any traffic before running
into the street. They fall face downward on the sidewalk. Pedestrians are
walking by, none offer to help. Sean Bean crosses into the street from
the opposite sidewalk, picks up the case, and opens it. The man and
woman see Sean and get up and run off. Two thugs run out of City Hall
and up to Sean. End.

The dark haired young man was Justin Bartha and the woman was Diane
Kruger's stunt double. Someone said Diane did the scene earlier and
there was a mattress for her to fall on. The scenes with the stunt double
did not have a mattress.
Tuesday 7th October 2003:
National Treasure will be filming on Wednesday night for a rooftop chase
scene in the Head House Square area of Philadelphia. Thanks to Renee
for the info!

Tuesday 7th October 2003:
Nan has been in touch with more info on the National Treasure filming.
"Filming in Philadelphia will last longer than I thought. They are here
Oct 3-17. Scenes representing 'flashbacks' to the 1830's have been shot
at night utilizing historic sites such as Carpenters Hall, Independence Hall,
and residential streets in Society Hill. They have used fabricated rain and
lightning, beautiful period costumes, and terrific 'chase scenes' with historic
carriages pulled by horses. Present day scenes involving Ben (Nicolas Cage)
include a foot chase through Washington Square and a rooftop chase in
Blackwell Court."

Tuesday 7th October 2003:
Kathleen has been in touch to say that National Treasure was filming at
the National Archives in Washington D.C. on the 30th September.
Tuesday 7th October 2003:
Kathleen has just sent in the following report from the filming of
National Treasure:
Well, it was one of those location shots with
extras. I live in D.C. and was hosting a friend from Minnesota. Even
though I live here, everytime I have tried to get into the Archives,
it has been closed. So on Monday, the 30th after heavy sightseeing,
we decided to attempt to get into the Archives where as you probably
know, the Declaration of Independence is housed as well as the
Constitution and various other important documents.
As we were walking up the stairs, we noticed the large steel doors
were closed. Immediately, we knew that this was going to be another
failed attempt. We assumed that all these young, attractive people
hanging out on the steps were also denied tourists. So we grabbed a
space by the one of the columns and sat down to take a break. All of
a sudden this guy with a headset shouted "Everybody Up!" You can
imagine our surprise when everyone but us jumped to their feet on
command. We couldn't figure out was going on. Needless to say, we
did not heed his words and he looked at us and said "You guys are
alright." Meaning I guess that he thought our position was
advantageous to the shot. So after everybody sat down, we asked the
actor next to us what was going on and he said they were shooting a
movie. We asked if anybody notable was in it and he said "Yeah, Nic
Cage." And when we asked the name of the movie, he said "National
Treasure." We hung out for the second shot, which they were
frantically trying to get but a cloud was blocking the sun and
daylight was quickly fading. The assistant was starting to get very
anxious because of the dissipating light, but another shot was
tried. We couldn't stay for a third shot, so unfortunately we may
have ruined their continuity. ;-) That was it. No star sightings but
it was fun to have wandered and been allowed to stay on a movie set.

Monday 6th October 2003:
Filming took place on National Treasure at the weekend in an area of
Philadelphia called Society Hill, specifically Delancey Street. The street
is one of the oldest streets in the City with many of the properties dating
back to the 1700's. Thanks to Nan for the info.


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