LOTR - Boromir's Death

Last Update: 16 June 2000

31 January 2000

Source: Sir Ian McKellen's Website

Sir Ian McKellen has updated his Grey Book and has provided quite a nice commentary on New Zealand and LOTR. Towards the end of his story he recounts watching the rough cut of the scenes filmed so far, and there's this:

"They had been filming without me for three months and I felt like the new
boy at school as they re-grouped two weeks into the year. Term started with
a rough cut of the action so far - those that didn't need major special effects added. A videotape was projected onto the screen of the cinema near the WETA workshops where the dailies are viewed. The soundtrack was uneven.

The music was from other movies. And so the audience began by cheering
their hard work like a home movie until the story took over and through the
silence they watched Boromir die and the hobbits weep as they lose Gandalf
to the Balrog. Peter had provided beer and wine but I'm off the alcohol and
had two candy floss (cotton candy) and popcorn. Then a party at the house of
Barrie Osborne (Producer) and his partner Carol Kim (Production Manager.)
At the end of the evening Billy Boyd ("Pippin") persuaded me to follow him
down the fireman's pole that falls twenty feet to the hall. And I wasn't even

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