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Last Update: 19 January 2003

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Adam Scott/15 January 2003

Don't be foold by a poster that looks more like an ad for Country Casuals than a bloody Shakespearean tragedy. Edward Hall's blood and thunder production of Macbeth zips right to the heart of the famous play, in the same way that this singularly exciting director of Shakespeare did with Rose Rage and a sublime Julius Caesar.

Sean Bean is cast as our upwardly-mobile nobleman, bringing precisely the action man dimension you would expect to a man who is often merely a feather for each wind that blows.

Up to his ears in blood in an equal partnership with Lady M, the erotic charge with Samantha Bond is palpable. The excellent Julian Glover is in attendance as good King Duncan, and also as a superb, John Lawrie-ish Porter. Next time you see the names 'Edward Hall' and 'William Shakespeare' on the same poster, stop what you're doing and join the queue. You won't regret it...

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