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Last Update: 26 October 2002

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October 25, 2002

Macbeth Gathers Momentum
by Paul Webb

Macbeth arrives at the Albery on 7th November, opens on 14th November and runs to 1st February 2003.

Sean Bean's return to the stage after a decade in films and television, in a role ideally suited to his brooding sexuality, combined with the good looks and icy sexual appeal of his co-star Samantha Bond, have made Edward Hall's production of Macbeth a box office success despite very little high-profile advertising in advance of the opening.

Sean Bean and Samantha Bond, both well-known on television and film (though Bond also had a major stage success in the late 1990s with
David Hare's Amy's View, in which she co-starred with Dame Judi Dench), seem to have attracted a great deal of public interest simply by the fact of their casting.

Macbeth, as well as being traditionally an 'unlucky' play, which is why actors tend to refer to it as 'The Scottish Play' (merely mentioning its name is though to court disaster), is also a difficult one to make work on stage. Rufus Sewell's Shaftesbury Avenue production, the most recent to be seen in the West End, didn't quite work in the eyes of some drama critics, despite his very powerful interpretation of the title role.

It's never wise to tempt fate when it comes to Macbeth but the advance signs for a great production of this popular, powerful, but difficult play are already there, so get your tickets now before it's too late.

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