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16 November 2002

Fair Pint, Sean

Sean Bean shocked theatre-goers on the opening night of his production of Macbeth by snubbing the glitzy after-show party for a

The Sheffield sexpot already had some sniffy luvvies up in arms at his performance of one of Shakespeare's most famous characters.

Rather unimaginatively, certain bigoted know-it-alls had complained about Bean's Yorkshire accent ruining the play.

But Bitches [Note: the Star's celebrity gossip girls] thought the northern lad - and classically trained actor at Rada no less - did brilliantly.

And who can blame him if he wanted to avoid the snobby brigade at the exclusive Adam Street club for a pint at a decent pub?

After all, it was the former welder's first time back on the boards for 13 years since TV and movie fame beckoned.

Still he managed to make it to the bash with a bit of gentle coaxing from his PR, albeit looking something what the worse for wear.

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