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Last Update: 24 October 2002


Forget wrestling with those turgid texts at school - Shakespeare's dazzling poetic imagery and soaring prose are meant to be experienced in the theatre, not sitting behind a desk in a classroom.

And where better to savour one of the richest, darkest most violent experiences the Bard has to offer than in the soaring heights of Milton Keynes' wonderful theatre? From Lord of the Rings to bloody Lord of the Scots, Sean Bean handles the complex character that is Macbeth superbly, while Samantha Bond, as the cold, ambitous and calculating, but ultimately frail mad Lady Macbeth, also impreses.

Tuesday night's audience just loved The Scottish Play, and Edward Hall's direction did justice to the starkly opposing themes of darkness and light that split Shakespeare's tautest tragedy. From explosive start to gory finish with Bean's bloody bonce perches on a spike, the production had the audience spellbound.

Only complaint? The chronology inexplicably jumps from dark medieval Scotland to what appears to be 20th century soldiers running around with machine guns and stormtrooper uniforms, which can be a little confusing.

The play's sold out all week, but it might be worth trying the box office for returns - it's a treat not to be missed.

Joanne Henderson

(Thanks to Becci for typing this)

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