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Last Update: 19 October 2002

It was incredible, Sean was superb, incredible stage presence and energy, very passionate performance. We were sitting almost in the front row, right by the speakers, which were LOUD!! It was just after 7:30pm (when the play is supposed to start) and the audience were still chatting, the stage curtain was already up and suddenly there was this huge clap of thunder to start the play, I jumped about a foot in the air! The 3 witches do some singing and dancing - almost religious-like chanting, very atmospheric. Sean appears in baggy trousers and a long-sleeved mesh top and a sleeveless long leather coat (very nice!!). It was nice to be so near the front, but there was a lot of acrid smoke and soldiers pointing guns right at us (or so it seemed!). Samantha Bond was excellent as Lady Macbeth, very intense. When Macbeth comes on with his hands and arms dripping with blood, it was very realistic, I could see it dripping on the stage. Also, Banquo's ghost was dripping from head to toe in blood yuck! I could see Sean's Elvish tattoo, but couldn't make out the details.



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