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Last Update: 18 October 2002

Anne's description of our 'Macbeth' experience is perfect, and I feel very much as she does about the production. There are some excellent moments, and I loved the action-packed pace. The relationship with M. & Lady M. is very well done; they start out very much bound up together, and gradually they become more and more separated, both physically and emotionally; I found that very moving. The witches are lovely - they manifest themselves in a variety of guises, from young girls to crones (as witches do!), and there's an interesting mix of Christianity with the old religion.

I thought Sean's natural accent worked brilliantly with the language. I wasn't expecting it to be that pronounced - I thought he was going for something more inbetween (like Boromir), but he made the language flow so naturally and made complete sense of it all.

I'm really looking forward to seeing it again. There are one or two very exciting moments where Sean's danger flashes, and of course he dies a good death!

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