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Last Update: 18 May 2003

The last performance of Macbeth

It felt strange to walk up St. Martin's Lane for the last time. And walking through the doors of the Albery, knowing it was the last time ever I'd see Macbeth… It made my seated heart knock against my ribs!

As I sat down on my chair, I couldn't help but swallow back a few tears, it was my sixth time there and I can still feel the atmosphere that hung densely around the stage. The rumour of the audience…The people murmuring and chatting away when unexpectedly there was the big thunderclap that summoned everyone's attention to the stage. I've heard some applause in the previous performances, even some tiny shrieks but this time there were quite a few gasps of people and it made me smile. I was where I belonged once more!

"When shall we three meet again?" Right there and then I wondered the same thing.

Seeing Sean come up the stage made my breath catch in my throat and tears prick behind my eyelids. The first swordfight is still pounding in my ears, I still can't quite believe that I'm here.

Sean was as delightful as ever. And now some time later I must admit I truly miss Sean!

The play was magnificent as ever before, yet over so soon. It was as if I just sat down I already had to get up again and leave. It was a powerful evening, one that will stay with me for many years to come…

But the curtain call was wonderful! Everybody seemed so happy and in the end the actors cheered for us, which made us all go wild! I took a few pictures which turned out great. Sean was glowing, he seemed thrilled and so happy to be there, this was his moment and we let him hear it as loud as we could.

After the final curtain came down, I hurried to grab my coat from the cloakroom and rushed outside. A lot of people were standing by the stage doors, I paced back and forth a few times between the main entrance and the stage doors. I could see that they were already breaking down the stage because the throne was in the lobby along with chairs and tables.

A while later Ian Pirie came out (Seyton) and I got his autograph, and Mark Bazeley (MacDuff) and Barnaby Kay (Banquo) followed by Samantha Bond (Lady Macbeth), she was very sweet, signing for everybody who was there and said that she had signed so many she'd forgotten her name!

After standing at the stage doors suddenly crew people came to open 2 huge doors and there you were looking straight down on the stage! I had no idea! They told us to stand back because it could be dangerous. And they continued dismounting the stage, as a sad herald of the end of a production I came to love so dearly.

But no Sean to be seen. Suddenly we saw masses of people running to the end of the back street and sure enough there was his car driving away… Sadly we missed Sean.

As I left the quickly emptying street, I felt sad yet overjoyed that I have been there so many times. It were Magick moments for me each and every time!

Oh, I do feel sorry for the people that didn't get to see him but I saw him plenty of times, including at the BAFTA's the week before!!

All in all, it was a wonderful play, I came over from Belgium 4 times, saw it 6 times and each and every time it got to me…. It was marvellous, and I regret not having been able to have seen it many more times!!!

I'll do it again in a heartbeat if I could, it was worth it! And of course a big thank you to all the actors of the play, thanks for the joy and pleasure you brought all of us! And a special thank you to Sean for realising his dream of performing Macbeth and realising mine to see him perform!!

By Fabienne from Desselgem, Belgium




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