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Last Update: 18 October 2002

It's the morning after the night before!

Words cannot simply describe how I feel! I thoroughly enjoyed last night. I was sat in the front row with Becci and my friend Nyree (along for moral support). With Shakespeare, personally I find it hard going, so I tried my best to understand and get the gist of the story, which I managed to do...just about.

There was a 25 minute delay because there had been a technical hiccup. We heard an announcement telling us this and we all thought they were going to say it had been cancelled. Noooooooo!

Edward Hall walked onstage and informed us that the cast had not had time to do a dress rehearsal, so we were watching a dress rehearsal. First half......

Background was black/dark. Costume: military type. Sean had various costumes: what looked like WW2 uniform, black see-through vest and trousers, dressing gown, worn at various points. Acting: can't fault him, superb!

Interval, followed by Part 2. At one point Sean's costume consisted of just a pair of trousers. Yes, no shirt! My god, he looked in fantastic shape.........!!! I guess he's been working out. I could see his 100% Blade tattoo clearly, but not his Elvish tattoo. It was there, but not clear enough for me to see.

At the end, the cast took their bows. Sean was the last to walk forward and there were lots of cheers for him. Becci and I cheered like mad! There was a second taking of bows and Becci and I looked at each other.....shall we stand up? Oh why not! So we stood and cheered for Sean! He did say "thank you" and looked pleased at the reception and I guess he was relieved that the first night was out of the way.

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