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Last Update: 10 Mar 2003

It all started in late November, early December. I was in London and by coincidence i walked by the Albery theatre and saw that HE was in Macbeth. At that moment I didn't have the time to see it. But I could not get it out of my mind and I kept thinking that I had to go back to London and see Macbeth, that it would be once in a life time experience.

Then I found the perfect "excuse" to go to London and see Macbeth, the perfect birthday present - to me from me.

A friend of mine bought the tickets and we ended up at Row E and F, that was the only seats left.

Then finally Friday the 21st of February was there, and the day had come. My friend and I went to the theatre just in time and found our seats. We both jumped high in our seats at the big bang that marked the opening. And wow, from the first appearance of the weird sisters and till Macbeth's death scene and the curtain call, I was sitting on the edge of my seat shivering with exitment.

They all were great and the performance WOW! The scene that has been stuck in my head since then, is the one where Macbeth has second thoughts about killing the king, the torment and despair in his voice and Lady M convinces him to stick to their plan. Another scene that did mark itself is the apperance of Banquo's ghost, it sooo spooked me, and the fear in Macbeth for the ghost is so real.

Samantha Bond was amazing, the sleepwalking scene, she definitely had gone mad. And Macbeth when he hears about his wife's death, and sits in solitude at the throne doing the tomorrow, and tomorrow monologue...

The sword fights, you could see the sparks flew and how they suddenly had drops of blood on their faces and their clothes.

It all came to an end, and it was time to leave.

My friend had said to me that she wouldn't be caught dead waiting outside a theatre, so she went to Browns to wait for me there while I was outside the theatre waiting.

I was not sure where to wait, stage door or in front of the theatre. I settled for in front of the theatre which turned out to be a smart decision. There were a few others that were waiting too, so I was glad not to be the only one. I think we waited for about 45 min. and then suddenly he appeared.

I handed him my program and a pen asking if he would please sign it, which he did, and he took time to sign everything that was handed over to him, even though he had friends waiting for him. I was so nervous, but I picked up my courage and asked him, if I please could have my picture taken with him. He looked down at me, smiled, I think, and said "Of course, love." He then put his arm around me and I desperately held my camera out, hoping someone would take it and take the photo. THANK YOU!!!! to the girl that did. I am for ever grateful to you.

The impression i got of Sean Bean, and it did suprise me a bit, was that he was so soft spoken and shyish, but in the same time very much a MAN!

When everyone had got their programs signed, he disapeard into the pub across the street with his friends. I had a bad conscience for letting my friend wait for almost an hour, but she took it nicely.

Being able to see MACBETH, and the luck of getting the program signed afterwards, made one of the best days in my life.

Moss, Norway

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