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Last Update: 10 Mar 2003

What a fantastic evening...

Yesterday we waited two hours outside, standing in the cold in front of the Albery Theatre and Sean did not come. We finally missed him.

Tonight we were sitting in the foyer, it was 6.30 p.m. and suddenly Sean appeared. I went over to him and he allowed me to take a photo. –g-


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I knew of the thunder when the play starts. But it was so suddenly, I screamed like an Idiot. And then it started...

Sean gave 150% once he had entered the stage. It was strange, to see him, only about 1½ meters away. His green eyes were flickering and he spittled a lot while he was talking. There was so much grace in his playing.

I liked the scene, were Duncan’s murder is discovered, when Macbeth came out of the chamber, carring the daggers again and Samantha (Lady Macbeth) looked at him with eyes saying: "Why the hell are you bringing these damned things again?"

The crowning-ceremony touched me so much. And in the Banquet-scene, Sean nearly seemed to losing his mind, crouching against the stairs, to escape the ghost of Banquo.

So did Samantha in the sleepwalking-scene, carring a candle with shivering hands, shuffling outside and moaning "to bed, to bed, to bed"... It was amazing.

And at the end, when Macduff finanly kills Macbeth, it seemed to be all right, because he had done so much horrible deeds.

Nevertheless I did cry...

Opposite the Albery Theatre there is a small pub, where Sean and the other actors went after. And there he was sitting then, drinking his pint and looked content ...

And tomorrow we will go again...

Stefanie & Anja

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