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Macbeth Review!!
25th Jan 03
Sam and Ellie

It finished under two hours ago and we’re still BUZZING with excitement. Sean was AMAZING!!! :) as was Samantha Bond. Its DEFINITELY worth seeing, but get tickets soon, as they are going quickly (wonder why?!?!).

Sean’s accent did NOT make the play any less enjoyable, in fact, letting him use his own (lovely) accent brought more liveliness and a uniqueness to the play. Watch out for the line “be innocent in the knowledge dearest chuck” - it was very funny and made the audience giggle - and yes it is included in the original Shakepeare script! Also listen out for the word ‘snake’ as his accent takes it down a different path - “snaaaaaaaaaaaake”. It made us grin.

BEST BITS… Sean’s best scene was the one in which he holds a banquet and Banquo’s ghost attends, much to his discomfort. It was acted out really well, with Sean vaulting over the table (and cowering against the stage walls) in an attempt to escape the phantom.

Samantha Bond was very good in the scene where she goes mad over the “spot” on her hands. In parts, it actually seemed like she WAS going mad right there on stage.

All in all, it was a magnificent play, with an excellent cast and it’s a must see for any Sean fan :)

Tips for autographs etc:
First and for most, if you meet Sean (or anyone else), you must have something GOOD and SENSIBLE to say. As we discovered, it DOES NOT work if you plan ahead.

First, as I experienced, when I met Adrian Schiller (Malcolm) I handed him a picture of BOROMIR!! Ooops, well he didn’t mind and explained that “I am the real king and don’t you forget it”. He was small and had curly hair (awww).

Secondly, when I (RAN) to meet Sean and actually gave the picture to the right person he asked me, “Where did you get this from?” and I couldn’t speak!! And then he asked again, “Where did you get this from?” and I giggled and shyly said, “The internet.” THAT WAS IT!!! NO “HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO” oh well. On top of that, when I handed him a pen, I didn’t take the lid off! How stupid is that??!?!?

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