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Last Update: 19 January 2003

We went to London from Holland on Wednesday 8 of January. We arrived at the theatre around 18.45 and first off all we stared at the beautifull pics of Macbeth that were outside the Albery. I really liked the huge billboards above the entrance.

It was cold that evening and after taking some pics of the exterior of the Albery, we decided to go in and wait in the hall. It was 18.55. Our hearts started pounding a bit faster as we sat there, watching more people come in. About 2 large schoolclasses entered as well and they were making a hell of a lot of noise, but their teacher told them to go upstairs already and I must say, that we didn't hear them anymore during the play!

Around 19.15 pm we were allowed to go to our places. We had a great spot from the the Royal Circle (we sat at row A, seats 6 and 7) and we thought we were pretty close to the stage. We knew the play would start with a big bang, but we were not prepared when it happened. It startled nearly everyone in the audience.

The 3 witches were on stage and a few seconds later we saw Sean come up through a sort of black veil. Marina and I grabbed each others hands and said "It's him!"

We hardly spoke during the first part. The play had a high pace, but was pretty easy to follow. Samantha spoke in Shakespeare terms a few times (for instance "thee") and we had to listen a bit harder, but it still was easy.

We especially liked the part when Macbeth was alone at one time and when he did the "is that a dagger I see before me" part, I felt his anger, fear, frustration and yet also the desire to become king of Scotland. He was so vivid and so intense, that he made me cry!! I have to say though, that both Marina and I thought that he was having throat problems again, as was Samantha. A few times, especially when he had to play anger, you could hear his voice crack a bit. You could tell it was pretty sore!!

During the break, we ate some ice cream and when the play continued, we were breathless again. A while later he came on without his shirt and you could hear several "Oh's" and "Ah's" coming from the audience. It made us giggle!!
My God, he was fabulous during the scene when he sees Banquo's ghost!! He was really terrified and you could hear him breath heavily.

And I also think that Samantha did a great Lady M and we especially liked her sleepwalking scene. It looked like she really turned mad!!

After the play the cast got a huge applause and they all came back about 4 times.

I told Marina afterwards, that I felt that Sean looked so happy and fulfilled with all that applause and that he had to swallow down a few tears!! Maybe I'm wrong, but it looked like that!!

We left the theatre and we got outside and we hardly couldn't say a word for a while. We were completely stunned!! We had only seen Sean on the internet, in movies, on tv etc. but now he had been only a few feet from us!! And he lived up to our expectations.

Bye for now, Marina and Marja, who are still recovering from their encounters with Sean!!

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