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Last Update: 17 October 2002

Thanks to the wonders of mobile phone technology I can bring you an INTERVAL report on the first night of Macbeth as reported by Jennie in
Milton Keynes!

First they started 45 minutes late - Edward Hall came out and said - there had been NO dress rehearsal so tonight was in effect the dress rehearsal - he was wildly clapped when he said that the cast wanted to go on for the audience tonight rather than scrap the show and hand back their money... AND it is brilliant (says Jennie). Is he good? I said. - she said - Good? You mean - good heavens - good gracious - good grief - good egg (good egg?) - he is just - ablablablab - a crackling sound came down the phone which I think was Jennie going into orbit.

The set is a medieval stone wall - black curtains - atmospheric lighting - spooky music. Men in modern military dress - Sean in black leather.
First scene with him and Sam Bond VERY passionate - "snogsville" said Jennie...

Men's hair VERY short, including Sean's, NO WIG. Black leather dinner jacket, brown leather trousers, medals - that's the first half costume. Plus in bed with Sam Bond - passionate - all over each other - he's so tortured, she's so bitter ....

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