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Last Update: 14 November 2002

Hello Sean's friends,
My name's Erika and I'm Italian. I was in London too, to see Sean Bean performing Macbeth and I met many of you with great pleasure. It's difficult for me to explain perfectly what I felt in a language which is not mine, but I'll try.

First I'd like to tell you that even though I don't write nor speak English very well, I understand it perfectly, and I'm familiar with Shakespeare because I'm studying his works, so I knew very well what the actors were saying on the stage, and this is very important to appreciate the tragedy completely.

I knew other Macbeths: Orson Wells (the worst!), Roman Polanski's, Ian McKellen's (the best) and every actor gives different accents to his character.

But since the beginning of THIS Macbeth I felt where was the difference:

Sean's Macbeth is the most HUMAN and POWERFUL I've ever seen.

This was the first time I saw Macbeth as a real man, with fears and feelings. This is the very first Macbeth who weeps when learns his beloved wife's dead, the only one who trembles learning what killing a man could mean.

And he's a real husband too, passionate (and how much!!!), not distant. This is a tragedy of love too!

All the cast is absolutely superb, especially Samantha Bond as Lady Macbeth and Mark Bazeley as Macduff (how brilliant they are too!!!). They all are credible, real and human, and I think this is very difficult to do.

The director made some modern and effective choices, such as for all the scenes with the 3 weird sisters (lucky girls!!!!) who for the first time are young and attractive, and the kings' parade scene.

I didn't breathe for all the time, and Sean was brilliant for all the time. I believe he gave his best in the scene just after the murder, in the dagger scene, when he sees the ghost of Banquo, when he sees the kings' parade, when he learns of his wife's death…well, he's always at his best!

There would be many things to tell yet, I had the chance to see the performance thrice and in theatre every day could be different, as I read in your comments as well. Sean masters deeply Macbeth and yet he continues to know him, and he makes us know him too, as a part of the darkness in every human being.

I can only thank you such a wonderful actor, and such a lovely person too, because it was one of the best experiences in my life!

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