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Last Update: 23 October 2002

Well, I can honestly say that I can't remember the last time I enjoyed anything this much! I was really nervous for Sean, because I so want this to be show the doubters how wrong they are.....

Yes, so OK, we all hate the hair....but, no wigs here! but MacB is a soldier, a fighter and the costume and the hair kind of "fits" better than Sean's hair would were it the length we all love.

I won't say too much, but there's a significant chunk of the play which Sean plays naked from the waist up.......what a gorgeous bod that guy has.... better than ever....... I fell for him all over again.....have you guys got a treat in store! And there also a scene which he plays barefoot....and yes, he does have beautiful, long, slim toes!

I promise not too much in the way of spoilers here, but lots of leather......full-length brown leather trenchcoat minus sleeves. Black leather dinner jacket and khaki leather military tunic..... The production itself? very exciting, spooky music and scene settings, bags of action, lights & pyrotechnics and Sean's excellent fencing to the fore.......

They just have to film this for posterity.......MacB was never so determined, fallible, aggressive, tortured, forceful, pitiable.... and so Sean! I saw shades of Boromir, Sharpe & Sean Miller in there....... WOW...............

The applause was enormous, but when it was Sean's turn well, decibels to the roof......and as he turned to walk off for the last time, I swear he was chuckling!

Absolutely brilliant!



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