Macbeth - Reviews - Karen (revisited)

Last Update: 31 October 2002

I was at Richmond last night. This was my 4th performance of Macbeth and Hayley accompanied me.

The play started and by now, you'd think I'd be used to the abrupt start, but it still made me jump!

The only noticeable differences were the following:

During the scene when Macbeth calls Lady Macbeth "dearest chook", Sean touches Samantha's breasts (hadn't noticed this before); at the beginning of the banquet scene, Sean walked down the stairs. At the last performance in MK, Macbeth climbed on to the table in this scene,
which was new. This continued to occur in last night's performance (I expect they have been toying around with stage directions throughout
the run in MK).

Hayley giggled when she first saw Sean (I think it was because of all that had happened when we met him in MK). When he got to the "is this
a dagger" line, she responded "no it's a blade!".

I think that the play is now a well cogged machine and that the cast and crew have got everything running as smoothly as possible. Sean seems to appear more confident and in his stride, as does Samantha Bond. I think she is proving to be a strong, fiesty leading lady, which is
what is needed when being cast opposite someone like Sean.

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