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Last Update: 31 October 2002

He was beautiful!

I admire the technical crew, director, as well as the cast for being brave and trying something new.

Sean's costumes were good, especially the brown leather cargo pants -- HOT!!!!!! I especially enjoyed seeing his tattoos. Shirtless, yum! The witches were very sexy, and the scene they did with Sean toward the end was really interesting and very sexually charged!!!

Also, gotta say, the guy who played Macduff did a really good job, and was very nice to look at, well, that is when Sean wasn't on stage!

I was sitting in the 2nd row, with nobody in front of me. Sean and I made eye contact several times. VERY exciting for me!!! However, I'm sure it was mostly because there I was at Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, smiling from ear to ear through the whole thing!!! I just couldn't help myself!!

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