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Last Update: 31 October 2002

The matinee today was a sea of schoolkids - a lot of them very noisy and rowdy outside the theatre - and we were a bit worried that it would be a bad audience...

But in fact the kids were all spellbound. And you know the loud crash at the beginning? It took them all completely by surprise and a lot of the girls decided to start screaming at that point - then there was a round of applause out of sheer surprise. As for Sean - forget about any of the photos. He looks absolutely marvellous. No photo can do justice to the mobility of his face, the way his eyes glint, the way the lines round his mouth move - Heaven, I'm in Heaven... The whole cast is good especially Banquo, Lady MacB and I especially liked the way Malcolm was cast...he was quite creepy and made you feel that things were not going to go swimmingly for Scotland after MacBeth's death - no happy ending here.

My favourite scene of Sean's? Apart from the obvious - and as for that scene, OH his pecs are in fantastic shape, and the tummy looks very flat to me - the banquet scene - I thought he was marvellous - especially with that blustering jollity at the beginning, the "mine host" act.

This sequence including the previous scenes with Banquo, the murderers is, I think Sean's strongest part - Sean does a kind of sinister ebullience very well - he feels like a particularly scary Manchester gangland boss (straight out of Extremely Dangerous!) who has invited a load of local "nobs" to his home:

"Ourself will play the humble host and mingle with societeh", he chortles jovially, strolling down the stairs with a wineglass in his fist and a wary glint in his eye. Ha-ha-ha go the dinner guests, uncomfortably. The overall feeling is very uneasy, very good!

And Sean's accent is a joy to hear.

My friend pointed out that his diction is superb. You can catch every single word Sean says, and on the whole the play is really well spoken. He does not rush, he relishes the words but does not overdo it.

The two little boys are lovely! I am looking forward to my next dose...

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