Macbeth - Reviews - Anne and Abbie (revisited)

Last Update: 29 October 2002


The play, which Abbie and I thought was great the first time, is now ten times better. They have changed lots, virtually something from every scene, and it is all an improvement. It has really tightened up and any niggles from the opening night have gone. Sean and Samantha have subtley changed the dynamics of their relationship. They have certainly made it sexier and whereas the first time they both seemed to grow apart very quickly, in last night's performance it was Lady M who pulled away and Macbeth who was hanging on to the relationship. When she dies, the first time he didn't seem to care. This time he was nearly in tears. But lots of little things had been altered like stage positions which all made quite a difference.



The production, if good before, is stunning now. It's really tight, and the pace cracks on, but Sean is savouring his speeches more. The scene with the witches is even sexier - I completely lost track of what Macbeth is saying! All four of them seem to be enjoying themselves far too much I would say <wg>!

The production is tense, dark, brutal and exciting. The fights are now very dangerous and excellent, and of course Sean has created a mad bastard that you care about; you're just with him all the way!<g> The distancing from Lady M. is heartbreaking, as Anne described, and we were both close to tears at his death.

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