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Last Update: 26 October 2002

To the play I find no words except: WOW!

The performance was brilliant. What impressed me most were the emotions that came across. I have read the play, but it is something completely different to see what the actors make out of it. I totally felt with the Macbeths. The costumes were OK. I really liked the dress Lady Macbeth wore after the scene in the bed (blue silk - wonderful). As for Sean's hair: I totally agree with Heather: I hated the shorn pictures but in real life it doesn't look that bad after all. Must be the personality that you don't get in the pictures but only in real life. And it really fits the role.

For the non-English (like me):
The actors spoke very clearly, so it was quite easy to understand. I don't think Sean's accent was as strong as Sharpe's (as someone said in one of the reviews). I had read the play in English only once, so I didn't understand everything but I recognised my favourite parts word for word. But some scenes were different somehow. I think Act IV Scene 1 with the witches was rather different (I didn't see a Hecate on stage). But then, I'm not sure, as I was quite distracted by shirtless Sean on the stage ;-)

On the flight home I started to re-read Macbeth. It was wonderful seeing the pictures of the performance again in my mind. And I could hear Sean's voice speaking the words while reading - so forceful, fearful, tortured, angry, sad.

What an experience!!!




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